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Please use the following resources and contact us at any time for support.


Please be sure you are getting the personal, academic, and professional support you need to succeed in all of your UMD courses.

FIRE recommends you become familiar with:

    The Counseling Center provides comprehensive support services that promote the personal, social, and academic success of UMD students.

    The Counseling Center will be offering wellness workshops throughout the fall semester.


    The University is committed to academic excellence and provides a variety of tutoring and other academic resources to support student success.


    The University Career Center & The President’s Promise provides comprehensive career assistance for all students enrolled at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Designed to support students through each stage of their career development, the Center offers an array of resources, services, and programs that empower students to pursue their ambitions and navigate a meaningful career journey.


    The Student Success Office has a broad range of support available for students seeking tutoring, financial assistance, information on academic policies, and health and wellness services. 


    This important UMD office includes resources and support for a broad range of identity-based groups including the LGBT Equity Center, the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education, the Nyumburu Cultural Center, and Bias Incident Support Services.


  • 4Maryland
    COVID-19 Information for UMD
    UMD has been working collaboratively across campus to develop a plan to ensure all operations and courses are safe, coordinated, and in line with state and national guidance.


The following is a list of resources that will help ensure you and your computer are ready for the engagement.

    Several FIRE services  require you to have an active Terpmail account working.  Please follow these steps to get this important UMD resource up and running!


    Visit the UMD Terpware website and download and install software provided by your enrollment at UMD. 

    Even if you already have some of this software (Microsoft Office), it is recommended that you uninstall your existing version and install a full and complete version of the current version on Terpware. 


    There are many web browsers, right?   FIRE highly recommends you adopt and use Google Chrome exclusively for your UMD courses. 

    We have found that most of the websites, applications, and extensions we use work best and most reliably with Chrome.  We have fixed many problems that students have by suggesting "Have you tried it in Chrome?".  So, just start with Chrome, and let's go from there.


    You have a huge amount of cloud storage available to you through your UMD Google account. 

    Install Google Drive File Stream on your computer to ensure all of your non-Google documents (Office, PDF, source code, etc) are automatically backed up as you work on them!


  • ZOOM
    Zoom will continue to be a tool FIRE uses to support student engagement, community, and learning.  Please be sure it is installed on your computer and that you frequently check for updates that enable new features we might use.


    Get help now with any technology issues that you are having (or call 301-405-1500).


    Take advantage of this short tutorial, and get help when you need it.  You can also browse tutorials and ELMs support guides (or call 877-399-4090).  


FIRE faculty and staff have worked with first-year students for many years and have come to understand many of the factors that support and challenge student success during this period of transition and acclimation to university life.

We recommend you consider the following:

  • Think of your college life more like a work day, less like a school day.
    Each and every day you will have both academic and personal commitments, goals - things that you need and want to do.  Plan accordingly.  Design a sleep schedule that allows you to get the rest you need.  Wake up and do the things you need to do to start your day in a healthy way (exercise, etc).  Then - engage your work day.  This will include classes, team meetings, getting assignments done, studying, meeting with your instructors, and doing the other parts of your academic life.  This is your job now.  Plan for and reach a stopping point each day so that you can also enjoy your personal and social life.  Get out there, try new things, get involved!  Get to sleep at a reasonable hour, repeat the process the next day.  Put in good work hours.  Put in good play hours.  Do not confuse the two.


  • Plan and manage your time.
    You cannot keep it all straight in your head.  You just can't.  Use an electronic calendar of some kind that gives you access to your scheduled commitments and, very importantly, due dates for all assignments.  Yes.  Put all assignments on your calendar and study your calendar each day to ensure you are both on top of what you need to do today but, perhaps most importantly, to allow you to be ready for tomorrow.


  • Get help when you need it.
    There are a broad range of services available (see above) to you to help you with academic, personal and professional (career, etc) challenges.  Get the help you need before a challenge becomes a real problem.

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