This page provides FIRE Semester 1 students with important information about the process of joining a FIRE stream.  

Process Overview

How will you learn about FIRE streams?


Explore all FIRE streams using webpages dedicated to our Natural Science, Social  Science, and Technology & Applied Science clusters.


Attend FIRE stream information sessions hosted during weekly FIRE Semester 1 classes.



Watch student-led tours of FIRE streams via @umdfire on Instagram.


Attend The FIRE Summit and talk to current members of all FIRE streams. 


Submit your stream preferences via ASN16: Stream Preferencing.


After learning about stream placement, join your stream by enrolling in its section of FIRE Semester 2 for Spring 2022.


What should I look for in potential streams? 
All FIRE streams were created to help students advance personally and professionally. You might even consider options that are outside of your intended career or academic pathway.

Broadly, the following factors could help guide your thinking as you form stream preferences:

  • What research skills will you gain and how might they help you in future opportunities?

  • Does the research subject interest you?

  • Will the stream's section of FIRE Semester 2 work with your Spring 2022 schedule?

We advise that you consider FIRE streams that are both related but potentially not connected to your field of study.  FIRE is an opportunity for you to explore and grow.

Does my section of FIRE Semester 1 affect which streams I can preference?

FIRE students are eligible to preference any FIRE stream, regardless of their section of FIRE Semester 1 and which FIRE cluster with which it is affiliated.

How do I submit my stream preferences?

FIRESemester 1 students will submit their preferences when they complete the FIRE Semester 1 assessment ASN16: Stream Preferencing.

  • This assessment will be available on Canvas after The FIRE Summit.

  • Students will have until the end of the day on November 5, 2021 to complete this assessment and communicate preferences.

When will I learn which FIRE stream I am in?

We will work as quickly as possible to review everyone's stream preferences. Our goal is to communicate outcomes by November 15, 2021.

What do I do if I can register for Spring 2022 classes before I hear back?

We will communicate stream placement outcomes as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we encourage you to build a full Spring 2022 schedule but leave enough space for FIRE Semester 2 (a 2-credit course).

Is there a deadline for stream registration?

Once you have been notified of your FIRE stream assignment, you will have until the end of the day on December 9, 2021 to register for your stream's FIRE Semester 2 course section.

How will stream placements be determined?

You will use the stream preferencing form to report which streams interest you and why. We will review preferences and additional information provided to match you to a stream that will hopefully match your interests and fulfill your goals.

Can I change streams after I am assigned?

We understand that situations can change and either your Spring 2022 availability or your interests may have changed since communicating preference information.


There are two ways to potentially change your stream assignment:

  1. Before the start of the Spring 2022 semester, you will submit a request to switch streams.  We will share the link for this request at a later date (when stream assignments are released).

  2. After the start of the Spring 2022 semester, all FIRE students are able to change into any FIRE stream with open seats.  More information about this will be communicated at a later date.


Additional questions about the stream preferencing process can be sent to FIRE's Associate Director, Dr. Ian Page (