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All students who complete the 3-semester FIRE experience have the opportunity to present their research annually at The FIRE Summit.

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Each year hundreds of FIRE students completing their 3-semester FIRE experience have the opportunity to present their research accomplishments to a broad audience of UMD faculty, students, administrators, and staff members.

Date & Time: November 1, 2023 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Location: The Stamp Grand Ballroom



If you are a FIRE Semester 3 student or a FIRE Peer Research Mentor, you have the opportunity to present your research. Your FIRE Faculty Leader will coordinate with your stream and find a suitable presentation schedule for the day of The FIRE Summit.

Research presenters will need to bring their presentations on a fully charged laptop to The FIRE Summit.


If you are a FIRE Semester 1 student, you are encouraged to attend the event and engage with students presenting their research. The FIRE Summit is an important part of the stream preferencing process and your last  in-person opportunity to explore streams before submitting the stream preferencing form.

Guests, on-campus colleagues, and faculty collaborators are also welcome to attend The FIRE Summit.


Is attendance/participation mandatory for FIRE students​?
No, however it is highly encouraged. The FIRE Summit is an opportunity for FIRE Semester 3 students and FIRE Peer Research Mentors to present their accomplishments to a wide audience. For FIRE Semester 1 students, it is the best opportunity to engage with students already in streams and learn more about their experiences.

What do I do if I cannot attend some or all of The FIRE Summit?
If you are part of a team that is presenting its research at The FIRE Summit, you should let your FIRE Faculty Leader know and coordinate with your team members. Your team may be able to find a timeslot that works for you. If you are unable to attend The FIRE Summit at all, please continue to support the development of your team's presentation.

If you are a FIRE Semester 1 student and can only attend part of The FIRE Summit, plan to arrive  promptly on time and get the most out of the event by strategically visiting presentations from a variety of streams. If you cannot attend The FIRE Summit at all, please review the additional stream exploration resources highlighted on this page.

Is there a dress code?
Participants are not required to dress up for the occasion.  If you already have a FIRE t-shirt, though, consider wearing it to the event.

Additional questions can be sent to FIRE's Assistant Program Director, Dr. Carol Vieira (

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