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FIRE students advise program leadership and serve as ambassadors for on-campus and external audiences.



What does the student leadership council do?


Represent your stream and your peers in important meetings


Share insights and perspectives with program leadership


Prestigious opportunities to speak about the student experience with external and on-campus audiences.


Help steer the future direction of the program


Are there benefits to serving on the council?

Council members have extra opportunities to hone career readiness capacities, earn priority access for ambassador roles, and receive recognition from program leadership.

I am on the council and I have an idea I would like to discuss. How do I add it to our agenda?

Council members are fully empowered to bring their ideas to the table and advocate for them. You can either email Dr. Jessica O'Hara ( in advance or come to the next meeting with notes prepared.

I am not on the council but I have an idea for them. Can I share it?

Yes! Current FIRE students can either take their idea directly to a council member or share it with Dr. Jessica O'Hara (

How often does the council meet?

The council meets approximately three times a semester.

Can any student serve on the council?

At this time, only FIRE Peer Research Mentors are eligible to join the council.

Is participation mandatory?

No. FIRE Peer Research Mentors are invited to the council each spring, but participation is not required.


Questions about FIRE Student Leadership Council can be sent to Dr. Jessica O'Hara (

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