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A leadership opportunity for students who complete the 3-semester FIRE experience to support new incoming students .

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FIRE Peer Research Mentors (PRMs) are a critical part of the FIRE experience and serve in several key roles. PRMs serve as a bridge between the new stream students and the FIRE Faculty Leader. Additionally, PRMs help facilitate both the research and curricular aspects of stream operations in their role as mentors for new students. Perhaps most importantly, FIRE PRMs serve as role models, demonstrating productive research attitudes and work habits.

FIRE PRMs remain focused on research outcomes as senior student researchers, further developing both novel and existing projects. You have probably interacted with the PRMs in your research stream and have noticed they are often using advanced methods and techniques.


Continuing your FIRE experience as a PRM will provide you with a number of benefits beyond the chance to have a meaningful impact on another FIRE student's experience and the opportunity to continue your own research, including:

  • Transition from research apprentice to leader.  Employers are looking for individuals who can acclimate to challenging new environments and not only succeed as individuals but become leaders. Use the FIRE Research Leadership program to develop leadership skills and a strong leadership story to carry forward.

  • Continued research productivity with the potential opportunity to publish.  Students that continue to work with the research stream on advanced projects as PRMs are more likely to achieve a publication.

  • Participation in meetings and conferences. PRMs are more likely to attend conferences within their research field and present their work to other professionals within their discipline. 

  • Receive outstanding letters of recommendation. PRMs are able to further develop the relationship with their FIRE Faculty Leader necessary for them to write a compelling and personalized letter of recommendation.  These letters can have major impacts on your ability to get internships and other research opportunities beyond FIRE.

  • Academic credit that communicates leadership on your transcript. Many advanced degree programs (such as medical and graduate school) value strong leadership and mentoring experience.  FIRE PRMs are able to communicate this on their transcripts by earning credit in a course specifically designed to develop research and mentorship skills. 


Becoming a FIRE Peer Research Mentor is a serious commitment with real rewards.  It requires that you be available to serve in the research setting (either virtual or in-person) and willing to fully immerse yourself in the continued research of the stream.


What are the essential dates I need to know?

  • Applications Open: October 16, 2023

  • Applications Close: October 30, 2023

  • (end of day)

  • Outcomes Sent: by November 10, 2023
    (end of day)

​Who can apply?

All FIRE-participating students who are currently enrolled in FIRE semester 3  are eligible and encouraged to apply. 

We particularly seek students who have demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond and seek to advance their research and leadership skills.

When do applications happen?

Students will be notified of application evaluations and outcomes through email communication from the FIRE PRM program. 

How can I apply?

You will receive an email from the FIRE program with instructions regarding how to apply.  Please see the dates at the top of the column regarding when applications are open and when they close.

How many hours per week are required?

All new mentors will be required to register for FIRE398: Research Leadership.


The number of FIRE398 credits in which a student enrolls will be determined by the PRM and their FIRE Faculty Leader and will vary by per week PRM commitment as follows:

1 credit = ~5 hours per week

2 credits = ~8 hours per week

3 credits = ~10+ hours per week

Although FIRE PRMs are not required to be available when their stream's FIRE Semester 2 class meets, they can still be involved.

Is this a paid research position?

The FIRE PRM opportunity is not a paid position.

What about current peer mentors?

Current or previous peer mentors should discuss leadership opportunities with their FIRE Faculty Leader.

Are international students eligible?



Questions about FIRE Peer Research Mentors should be sent to Dr. Cherisse Hall (

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