FIRE has 15 research groups for 2020-21.  These groups represent a broad range of natural science, social science, and technology and applied science research disciplines.

Natural Science Streams

FIRE's Natural Science streams feature a broad range of microbiology, molecular biology and synthetic biology opportunities.


These research groups operate in modern laboratories that empower you to work with molecules, cells and living organisms to drive our understanding of the living world.


Science Streams

FIRE's Social Science streams include opportunities for you to engage psychology, neuroscience, sustainability, economics, government and politics, global development, and much more.

Many of these streams are data-intensive and allow you to develop or use computational capacities.  Other streams are interdisciplinary, integrating advanced biological techniques into their research.

Technology & Applied Science 


Our Technology & Applied Science streams allow you to use cutting-edge techniques that involve computation, analysis, physical construction and modeling, prototyping, design and development.