Science Streams

FIRE's Social Science streams include opportunities for you to engage psychology, neuroscience, sustainability, economics, government and politics, global development, and much more.

Many of these streams are data-intensive and allow you to develop or use computational capacities.  Other streams are interdisciplinary, integrating advanced biological techniques into their research.

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    Clinical Psychology & Neuroscience

    Addiction Science

    Dr. Cristina Risco

    Research Educator

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    Clinical Psychology & Neuroscience

    Animal & Human Relationships

    Dr. Molly Goodfellow

    Research Educator

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    Global Development, Ethics & Toolkits

    Global Development & Design

    Dr. Ben Huffman

    Research Educator

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    Risk Behaviors, Social Justice, Public Health

    Risk, Justice & Public Health

    Dr. Azieb Kidanu

    Research Educator

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    Economics & Environmental Policy

    Sustainability Analytics

    Dr. Thanicha Ruangmas

    Research Educator

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