Natural Science Streams

FIRE's Natural Science streams feature a broad range of microbiology, molecular biology and synthetic biology opportunities.


These research groups operate in modern laboratories that empower you to work with molecules, cells and living organisms to drive our understanding of the living world.

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    Microbiology & Molecular Biology

    Bacterial Pathogenesis

    Dr. Cherisse Hall

    Research Educator

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    Genetics & Molecular Biology

    Transgenerational Brain Initiative

    Dr. Yun Choi

    Research Educator

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    Genetics & Molecular Biology

    Found In Translation

    Dr. Carol Vieira

    Research Educator

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    Molecular & Synthetic Biology

    Molecular Diagnostics

    Dr. Catherine Spirito

    Research Educator

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    Microbiology & Biochemistry

    Host-Pathogen Interactions

    Dr. Jessica O'Hara

    Research Educator

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The First-Year Innovation & Research Experience


Dr. Patrick Killion

Director of Discovery-Based Learning


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