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FIRE has 16 research groups for 2023.

These groups represent a broad range of natural science, social science, and technology & applied science research disciplines.


This is FIRE Addiction Science from 2019.  Led by FIRE Faculty Leader & Associate Clinical Professor, Dr. Cristina Risco, and Department of Psychology faculty collaborator, Dr. Edward Bernat, FIRE Addiction Science is part of FIRE's Social Science cluster and serves students of all majors and interests.

What are FIRE streams & clusters?

A FIRE stream consists of approximately 40 FIRE-participating students, a full-time FIRE Faculty Leader, FIRE Peer Research mentors, and potential faculty collaborators from University of Maryland academic departments.


A FIRE cluster is a group of FIRE streams doing similar research and/or using related research tools and methodologies.

Please see the resources on this page to learn more about our FIRE Natural ScienceSocial Science, and Technology & Applied Science clusters.

Natural Science Streams

FIRE's Natural Science streams feature a broad range of research groups that probe the complexities of the physical world.

These research groups operate in modern laboratories that empower you to further our understanding of the living world around us.


Science Streams

FIRE's Social Science streams include opportunities for you to engage in the study of societies and the relationships among individuals within those societies.


These research groups represent a broad range of disciplines and engage both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Technology & Applied Science 


Our Technology & Applied Science streams allow you to use cutting-edge techniques that involve computation, analysis, physical construction and modeling, prototyping, design and development. 

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