Technology & Applied Science 


Our Technology & Applied Science streams allow you to use cutting-edge techniques that involve computation, analysis, physical construction and modeling, prototyping, design and development. 

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    Robotics, Autonomy, Aerospace Engineering

    Autonomous Unmanned Systems

    Dr. Derrick Yeo

    Research Educator

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    Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

    Capital One Machine Learning

    Dr. Raymond Tu

    Research Educator

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    Modeling & Machine Learning

    Cloud Computing

    Dr. Alexandra Jones

    Research Educator

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    Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

    Computational Biology

    Dr. Jonathan Goodson

    Research Educator

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    High Energy Physics & Analytics

    Simulating Particle Detection

    Dr. Muge Karagoz

    Research Educator

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The First-Year Innovation & Research Experience


Dr. Patrick Killion

Director of Discovery-Based Learning


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