Asst. Clinical Professor of FIRE


Quick Facts:

  • PhD - Governance & Law (2018)

  • Editorial Asst. - Asian Ethnology

  • Consultant - World Bank

  • Operations/Research Asst. - United Nations




Research Interests

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Select Publications

  • Huffman, B. (2002). Building a Wireless Bridge over the Digital Divide. UNCRD Regional Development Dialogue, 23(2), 137-154. ISSN:0250-6505 

  • Huffman, B. (2002). Beware the Digital Subdivide: ICTs and Human Security, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Pattern, "Spring, 2002

  • Huffman, B. (2014). The Evolution of e-Government through Web 2.0: Upgrading Local Government in the Philippines (Unpublished master's thesis). Nagoya University.

  • Huffman, B. (2017). CeDEM Asia 2016 Proceedings of the International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government. In E-Participation in the Governance Process: Redefining its Worth and Modality. Krems, Austria: Edition Donau-Universität, 115-122. ISBN:978-3- 903150-13-3

  • Huffman, B. (2017). E-Participation in the Philippines: A Capabilities Approach to Socially Inclusive Governance. EJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government, 9(2), 24-46. ISSN: 2075-9517

Works In Progress

  • Book review of Esarey, A., Haddad, M. A., Lewis, J. I., & Harrell, S. (2020). Greening East Asia: the rise of the eco-developmental state. University of Washington Press.

  • Working paper on an Ethical Approach towards Adolescent Reproductive Health Services: A Case of Healthcare Workers in the Philippines


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Methods & Skills

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Professional Memberships

  • Human Development and Capabilities Association (HDCA)

    • Regional Coordinator, East Asia


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  • English and Japanese

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