Aidan Strother is a member of FIRE Terrapin Genome Project. She states FIRE has not only taught me how to be a great researcher - it has allowed me to be that researcher. " ... [ read more ]

Kasey Goon is a member of FIRE Environmental Pathogens. She states "The connections I've made with other FIRE members are just as valuable as the incredible amount of knowledge I've gained from the program. " ... [ read more ]

Gabe Castro is a member of FIRE Sustainability Analytics. He states "FIRE has allowed me to form friendships with some of the most dedicated and intelligent students I’ve come across at College Park." ... [ read more ]

Michele Keumeni is a member of FIRE Antibiotic Resistance. She states "As an aspiring surgeon, this lab gave me an opportunity to conduct truly hands on laboratory research which was hard to find as an incoming freshman." ... [ read more ]