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Fearless research drives fearless career readiness.

Our Mission

FIRE provides first-year UMD students an inclusive

faculty-mentored research experience that drives accelerated professional development and equality of opportunity.

Research Experience

Our students use authentic tools of the trade to attack broadly relevant research objectives.  Outcomes are uncertain in a manner that allows students to thrive through challenge.


Fearless research drives fearless career readiness: our students develop communication, critical thinking, equity and inclusion, leadership, professionalism, and teamwork traits that employers are seeking.

How it Works

Read more about the FIRE program, how it works and academic credit earned.

FIRE operates 16 different research streams enabling more than 600 new University of Maryland students each year to thrive in a variety of environments.


Kasey Goon

Kasey Goon is a member of FIRE Environmental Pathogens. She told us "The connections I've made with other FIRE members are just as valuable as the incredible amount of knowledge I've gained from the program."


Aidan Strother

Aidan Strother was a member of FIRE Terrapin Genome Project. She said "FIRE has not only taught me how to be a great researcher - it has allowed me to be that researcher."


Gabe Castro

Gabe Castro was a member of FIRE Sustainability Analytics. He shared "FIRE has allowed me to form friendships with some of the most dedicated and intelligent students I’ve come across at College Park.


Michele Keumeni

Michele Keumeni was a member of FIRE Antibiotic Resistance. She said "As an aspiring surgeon, this lab gave me an opportunity to conduct truly hands on laboratory research which was hard to find as an incoming freshman."



Dr. Patrick Killion

Director of Discovery-Based Learning

Email: pkillion@umd.edu

Tel: 301-405-0057

University of Maryland

The Atlantic Building, 2337


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