All students who complete the 3-semester FIRE experience have the opportunity to present their research annually at The FIRE Summit.

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Each year hundreds of FIRE students completing their 3-semester FIRE experience have the opportunity to present the final version of their research accomplishments to a broad audience of UMD faculty, students, administrators, and staff members.

This year we will host the event virtually with live interaction.

Date & Time: Monday, November 16 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Location: Symposium by ForagerOne - The FIRE Summit 2020

Welcome from FIRE Director - Dr. Patrick Killion

Whether you are one of the hundreds of students completing FIRE Semester 3, a FIRE Research Peer Mentor, or one of the 600+ students who joined FIRE this Fall semester, we welcome you to The FIRE Summit 2020.  We also welcome University of Maryland faculty and staff who are joining us to learn more about UMD's First-Year Innovation & Research Experience (FIRE).


Thank you for taking the time to join us.  We recognize this has been a challenging year and everyone has reached maximal screen time by the end of the day.  We thank you for your time, energy, and enthusiasm for this important and special day for our students.

I am incredibly proud of our students this year.  They are part of a FIRE cohort that has engaged authentic research with us in ways that we never previously imagined.  We had a record percentage of students continue through FIRE Semester 3 - this speaks to our student's persistence, resilience, and commitment through adversity.

In the Research Presentations portion of this event, you will be able to see multiple forms (poster, video) of their summative accomplishments and interact with them directly using the Symposium platform. 


Please keep in mind that our student's research products might look different this year given the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to what is more typically an in-person, laboratory-centered research experience for our students.  The results you will see are based on migrations toward more computational research objectives.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about their work and for providing them constructive feedback and encouragement.


Patrick Killion




If you are a FIRE Semester 3 student or FIRE Research Peer Mentor you have the opportunity to present your accomplishments.

The FIRE Summit 2020 - Research Presenta

Research Presentation Submission Guide


The FIRE Summit 2020 - Day of Event - Re

Day of Event

Research Presentation  Guide



Use your @umd or @terpmail email account to create a login account on Symposium.  This account will allow you to interact with research presentations during and even after the event.

The FIRE Summit 2020 - Day of Event - Pa

Day of Event

Participation Guide



If you are a colleague or friend of the University of Maryland FIRE program and wish to view live research presentations, you will not need a Symposium account and will be able to fully browse the event when it launches.


Stream Information Sessions

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

You are welcome to come and go during this period of time so that you can also visit as many FIRE streams as possible.

Meet and talk with the FIRE Research Educators, Research Peer Mentors, and FIRE Semester 3 students.   


These sessions are hosted on Zoom:

  • Please use your UMD Zoom account and SSO login to ensure you are able to bypass Zoom waiting rooms.

  • For additional support with Zoom connections please see

  • Please turn your video on while you are in any session and unmute when asking or responding to a question.

  • Please use courtesy and etiquette when asking or responding to questions.  We suggest using the raise your hand feature of Zoom to get attention.

  • Questions can be asked in the chat window but it is recommended that you wait, have your video on, raise your hand and ask the question in person when called.  This will provide for much higher quality interactions between you and FIRE faculty.

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Research Presentations

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Use the Symposium platform to interact with FIRE Semester 3 students and Research Peer

Mentors as they present their research accomplishments as both teams and individuals.

Live text interaction with research presenters requires a Symposium registration.

Additional Guidance for Research Presenters:

To submit your research you will:

  • Follow these instructions to submit your research presentation.

  • The Chrome browser is recommended. 

    If Chrome freezes, it is recommended that you clear browsing data in Chrome, quit the application, open, and try again.

To present your research you will:

  • Login to Symposium.

  • Search & find your presentation.

  • Be at that web page to answer questions
    (Please note that the Symposium web page will not automatically refresh - you will need to do so regularly.  You will also receive an email when you receive a question).

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