A mentored summer experience that helps you develop leadership capabilities, strengthens your relationship with FIRE faculty, and builds further stream community.


FIRE Summer Scholars is a new program created for the Summer of 2020.  


Our goal is to help you stay connected to your stream and continue your research and professional development over the summer. The program is entirely online and you can participate from anywhere in the world.

You will participate in a series of scholarly activities and weekly discussions with your stream Research Educator and peers over a four week period in June.  You will gain a greater understanding of your stream's research and how its goals are linked to some of the greatest societal challenges of our time.

Benefits include:

  • Gain a better understanding of the importance of your role in FIRE research

  • Keep your FIRE community with you this summer (your stream & FIRE as a whole)

  • Gain a better sense of how to communicate your FIRE experience when applying to future opportunities

  • Claim FIRE Summer Scholar on your resume or CV through completion.

  • Become a stronger candidate for the FIRE Peer Mentorship Program

All current FIRE students are eligible for FIRE Summer Scholars.  Students must sign up by the closing date using the form linked below.


When is FIRE Summer Scholars?

  • FIRE Summer Scholars is a four-week program that takes place in June.

  • It begins on June 1 and concludes June 26.

How many hours per week are required?

  • Participation requires four hours per week.

  • Sessions will generally be scheduled throughout each week of the program.

  • Live participation will be at the heart of the program with recorded sessions available for scheduling conflicts.

Do participating students enroll in a course?

  • FIRE Summer Scholars does not have a corresponding summer course.

  • Participating students do not have to pay tuition or other course fees.

Is this a paid opportunity?

  • We are not able to offer funding to participating students.

  • FIRE Summer Scholars is a voluntary program.

Who can participate in this program?

  • All FIRE students who completed FIRE Semester 2 during Spring 2020

  • Current FIRE Peer Mentors

Do FIRE Summer Scholars need to be able to come to campus during the summer?
FIRE Summer Scholars will be conducted entirely online.


The sign-up period for 2020 FIRE Summer Scholars has now closed. 

Questions about FIRE Summer Scholars should be sent to Dr. Ian Page (

University of Maryland

Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost

The First-Year Innovation & Research Experience

Dr. Patrick Killion

Director of Discovery-Based Learning


Tel: 301-405-0057