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A mentored summer experience that helps you develop leadership capabilities, strengthens your relationship with your FIRE Faculty Leader, and builds further stream community.

Summer 2022 Update

FIRE is developing our opportunities for Summer 2022. 
We will provide detailed information in February, 2022, through email and at this location.


2019 FIRE Summer Opportunities Participants

The FIRE Summer Opportunities program enables a research-intensive 8-week summer experience. It is an optional component of the FIRE program and one that enhances a student's FIRE experience by providing them with extra opportunities to develop research and leadership skills during the summer.

Students work closely with their FIRE Faculty Leader and a small group of their peers on advanced research projects for their stream.  Students learn, test, and implement new research methodologies; develop new protocols; and pilot experiments for their stream.

Participating students are naturally positioned to return to their FIRE research stream in the following Fall as research leaders and become strong candidates for the FIRE Peer Mentorship Program.


Questions about FIRE Summer Opportunities can be sent to Dr. Ian Page (

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