Important: FIRE Sustainability Analytics will likely change in 2019 to include research in atmospheric weather modeling and related economic implications. We are in the process of hiring a new Research Educator to lead this effort and will update this page when more details are available.

With a global population of over seven billion and counting, our resources are being stretched thinner every year. Topics like pollution, climate change, mass extinctions, and inequitable economic growth are not abstract problems to be faced by future generations—they are a reality today. Solving these problems will not be easy. It will take dedicated and well-trained researchers to design, evaluate, and implement the new and innovative solutions we need.

Student researchers in Sustainability Analytics work with talented faculty from UMD’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics to tackle some of these critical issues. Our research draws on methodologies from a wide variety of academic disciplines including computer science, economics, environmental science, marine biology, and marketing, just to name a few. And regardless of whether our students are budding environmentalists, they gain valuable training in data analytics and are challenged to think creatively as they develop the skills necessary to excel in a professional environment.

In additional to the General Education credit listed below, this stream's second-semester course (FIRE251) counts toward UMD's Sustainability Minor.

2018 Sustainability Analytics Innovation & Research Stream

2017 Sustainability Analytics Innovation & Research Stream

2016 Sustainability Analytics Innovation & Research Stream

2015 Sustainability Analytics Innovation & Research Stream

Faculty Leader
Dr. Lars Olson

Research Educator
Dr. Ian Page