As technology continues to change nearly every aspect of life in the twenty-first century, museums are searching for new ways to attract and engage visitors to spaces that have traditionally been considered tech-free zones of quiet contemplation. To this end, The Phillips Collection seeks to explore the potential of new and emerging technologies to improve the experiences of their visitors and to help diverse audiences more deeply understand and appreciate works of art.

Students in this trans-disciplinary FIRE stream will research and experiment with a range of methods and technologies to meet the needs of current visitors to The Phillips Collection. Students interested in the arts, humanities, and museum studies will gain experience conducting research on works of art in the museum’s collection and producing new educational content for these objects in text, audio, video, and interactive multimedia formats. Through this rare opportunity to collaborate with art history faculty, museum curators, educators, and archivists, students will learn the methodologies employed by professionals in each of these respective fields.

Are you more interested in writing code than essays about art? No problem!

There’s an equally exciting role for you in this project! Students interested in computer science will explore the potential of integrating new and emerging technologies into the visitor experience at The Phillips Collection and will build digital projects to be used by museum visitors.

Technologies and methods to be studied include:
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Beacon-based mobile location intelligence
  • Web and mobile application development
  • Data and information architecture

  • All students will obtain valuable training as they work together to meet the needs of a real-world client and their customers (visitors). Students will prototype, test, and evaluate solutions with visitors, gaining an in-depth understanding of user experience research processes. If you’re interested in working in the arts and culture sectors, or if you want a career developing cutting-edge technologies, this FIRE stream is for you!

    2019 Phillips Virtual Culture Innovation & Research Stream

    2018 Phillips Virtual Culture Innovation & Research Stream

    2017 Phillips Virtual Culture Innovation & Research Stream

    Faculty Advisor
    Dr. Matthias Zwicker

    Faculty Advisor
    Dr. Abigail McEwen

    Research Educator
    Dr. Kyungjin Yoo