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Announcing FIRE Summer Scholars

You probably have questions about the summer. We have answers.

What kinds of FIRE-related opportunities will there be for you?

We have been working closely with UMD leadership to determine the best plan for our FIRE Summer 2021 experience. UMD and FIRE remain committed to a return to as much normalcy as possible for the fall and part of this plan means we will not be able to host an on-campus experience this summer.

We are excited, however, to bring you FIRE Summer Scholars.

We piloted FIRE Summer Scholars last year during the sudden shift to an online environment. We had 250+ FIRE students participate last year and learned a lot about how to run an engaging and purposeful summer experience. This year, we have redesigned the summer program and built a new and improved version - FIRE Summer Scholars 2.0, if you will.

What is FIRE Summer Scholars?

It is an optional, online summer program for current FIRE students (FIRE Semester 2 and Peer Research Mentors). Participating students will join their FIRE stream for research-related activities throughout the month of June 2021. The weekly commitment is only four hours per week. We will also organize several online professional development events and weekly social activities.

What will my stream be doing for FIRE Summer Scholars?

Your Research Educator is currently developing those plans. Broadly, activities will allow you to see new connections between your research and some of the biggest challenges of our time. You will also develop new research skills or hone the skills you are already working on (or both!). Your Research Educator will follow up soon with stream-specific details.

Do I have to apply?

No! FIRE Summer Scholars is volunteer-only and all FIRE students are eligible. All that you need to do is use this sign-up form to register for FIRE Summer Scholars. The sign-up form will remain open until the last day of classes (May 11). Please sign up as soon as you can - it will help your Research Educator plan the best summer experience possible.

Thank you, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.



Ian Page, PhD

Associate Director of FIRE

University of Maryland


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