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Key Points:

  • Study leadership & teaching styles

Detailed Description:

We study FIRE Faculty Leaders - how they design, teach, lead, mentor, problem solve, have crucial conversations with Peer Research Mentors and students.  We seek to better understand the relationships between their leadership and teaching styles and how it affects the students that make research accomplishments with them.  Through this work, we seek to better understand how all organizations - research, corporate, non-profit, etc can design leadership + teaching engagements that effectively reach all participants, navigate unexpected challenges and drive high levels of learning and accomplishment.


Key Points:

  • Leadership & teaching determine organizational success

Detailed Description:

Leadership matters.  Teaching matters.  The combination of these two things fuels almost every human endeavor.  The deeper study of how we define leadership styles and how they work for a broadly heterogeneous student population will allow organizations of all types to be more productive, more effective, more accomplished and sustain themselves for longer periods of time.

Want to be a leader?  Come study it first with us.


We are still developing this part of what we do.  We know that our students will fan across campus and study all FIRE streams in their classrooms and laboratories.  We will develop surveys and other data-driven devices to allow us to better characterize leadership and learning as it happens.  Students will learn to work with massive amounts of quantitative and qualitative data and will learn to use programming to analyze and visualize it for patterns and trends.

qualitative analysis, leadership training, data analysis, survey design

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