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We are a multidisciplinary stream composed of two separate labs which conduct research in different yet complimentary ways.


We are curious about how stress affects our relationships, and how those relationships impact our mental and physical health.


What conditions make life stressful for us? Does stress that comes from our environment, like school or work, influence how we get along with our families? Do stressful family relationships have a negative impact on our physical and mental health? How can we alleviate or even prevent these negative effects?


Stress impacts the physical and mental health of families. Multidisciplinary science, including use of animal and human models, is necessary for advancing our understanding of how and why stress impacts health. This research can aid in identifying prevention and intervention for individuals and families experiencing stress.


Students in our multidisciplinary stream learn team-based approaches to science. They also learn techniques specific to clinical psychology or behavioral neuroscience research labs.

Students in our Human Lab study HOW stress in relationships impacts health in humans. To do so, they learn to administer structured, behavioral, physiological, and observational assessments to individuals and families, and are also involved in the recruitment and screening of participants.


Students in our Animal Lab study WHY this stress impacts health in non-human animals. To do so, they learn assessments focused on observational coding of social animal behavior and have the opportunity to engage in small animal handling/care. Students may also learn a number of neuroscience lab skills such as hormone analysis, brain tissue processing, and microscopic analysis of cell structure.

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